John Edwards III chamberstick, but that's about all I know

This was in my Father’s home for many years and never got the same respect as much of the other silver in his home. I was fond of it for nostalgia’s sake and brought it home when none of my brothers or sister showed interest. I polished her up and noted some silver marks and that’s why I am here. i think I can get to Jonathan Edwards III at about ca1800, but maybe the experts can chime in. There are some markings that I cannot track down. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Wide shot. Snuffer appears to have been used as a toy.

There is some additional scribbling on the bottom center circle. I cannot distinguish it, but may be interesting.

Also another photo of the poor, old snuffer. :frowning:

I agree that your chamberstick is by John Edwards III. The date letter N is for the assay year 1808/09. The additional markings may refer to pawnbrokers’ pledge numbers or inventory numbers. I suspect that the “13,6,” may be a weight but 13 troy ounces and 6 pennyweights comes to 14.6 ounces (414 grams) which sounds like more than I would expect for the weight.

When asked for values I normally turn to eBay’s completed auctions for guidance. An earlier chamerstick (1761) in good condition failed to sell at a price of £650 (just over $1000) and a pair dated 1804, again in good condition but more ornate than yours, sold for $1734. That should give you some idea.

Thanks for the depth of information. Very useful. I like the way the old thing looks on my end table, so I think I’ll keep it. Any idea what the silouette/profile is on the top of the base? Is it common or meaningful in any way?