John Grissel and Sons Silver Pepper Pot-Year and value?

I bought an English pepper pot and wondering what it would be worth. Here is what I have found out about it so far:
Made by John Grissel and Sons. It has the Lion Passant for sterling silver in England. There is an anchor marking for Birmingham England. I would like to find out the year it was made-It has the letter the M and has kind of a rectangle background. Does anyone have an idea of what is worth? Thank you. Unfortunately, I don’t think my photo is being accepted as it has too many pixels. Thanks for any help!

Hi, can I suggest you have a look at the following website for your date letter? Its very useful!

Hope that helps!
Anita :smiley:

That link was extremely helpful! Thank you soooo much! The year seems to be 1911. Anyone know what I should sell it for on Ebay? It’s not in perfect condition. I would say fair condition and has a couple of dings on the base. It seemed to have been dropped and slightly bent the bottom base rim. The glass globe is in excellent shape. The item is 4" high and 2" wide. Again my photos seem to have too many pixels. Thanks for any help.

If you are going to sell on eBay you should check out completed auctions to see what pepperettes are selling for and, if that meets your expectations, pitch your starting price accordingly. Why not start at £1 or $1 and let the market decide? When you are looking at the completed auctions take a look at the descriptons and pictures on the more successful auctions and use those as a guide. Buyers want to see good pictures and detailed, honest and accurate descriptions. On that point note that the company’s name is Grinsell, not Grissel.

Thank you for the Ebay advice and for the correction of my spelling. Everyone has been very helpful.