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John Tongue silver smith


Need info on above please - sites, books etc
Many thanks


@Jeff_Herman will probably know…


John Tongue was a Birmingham based silversmith and sadly there are not as many books on Birmingham Silversmiths as London ones. The book “The Silversmiths of Birmingham and their Marks: 1750 - 1980” by Kenneth Crisp Jones shows 4 marks registered for John Tongue, the first in 1831, the last in 1863 but no further information. There may be better books on Birmingham Silver but I don’t have any! These days, its usually easiest to look up marks on anyway. You can see the marks and dates with some address information here.

He was a box maker amongst other things and seems to have made a number of “castle top” vinaigrettes. His boxes can be quite valuable.


Thank you everyone.
I have a sugar sifter with his makers mark. In a box and excellent condition. Wondering about value.


There is no particular premium for John Tongue’s work. To get an idea of value, you can investigate on ebay to find something comparable in terms or weight, age and prettiness.


Thank you for your reply.
I’m new to antique silver. A deviation from antique furniture restoration. Getting too old to carry things…
I think I might enjoy silver dealing. That is, if my enthusiasm for purchasing doesn’t outstrip my ability sell at a profit. On this subject. Any hints/tips essential reading etc?