Joseph Deakin & Sons

Hi Daniel and others,

Was wondering if you could tell me anything about the history of Joseph Deakin & Sons of Sheffield. Dates operated etc. Have been able to find very little on the net.

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Hi Matt,
Apologies for taking so long to get back to you, i have been a little busy with work.

The company was actually called James Deakin & Sons, originally just James Deakin, and they were established around 1865, by James Deakin in Matilda Street (at the Sidney Works) in Sheffield. In 1885 he was joined by his three sons William, John and Albert, and the business name was changed to James Deakin & Sons. In 1888 they opened showrooms at 48 Holborn Viaduct, and in 1897 they opened branches in Scotland (34 St Enoch Square, Glasgow), and Ireland (7 Queen St. Belfast).
The buisness hit financial troubles around 1937, after combining with Fenton Brothers and J H Potter & Sons under the name Silver & Steelcrafts Ltd, and eventually closed in 1939 on the day World War II started.

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