Jug, Brooch & Serving Tray

[color=red]Hi There,

Few items id like dated and such. Firstly a jug/tankard

[color=red]Secondly, a Brooch -

[color=red]Last one is a large serving tray, there is an obvious date (1836) without any other hallmark, does this insinuate that it was made 1836 ?

[color=red]Many thanks!

Can’t help with the brooch. As it is marked “Sterling” it may be American.

The other 2 are silver plate so are going to be difficult to date with any accuracy.

TW is Thomas White of Sheffield. His company was in business during the latter part of the 19th century.

1836 does not refer to the date of manufacture of the tray, but only when the trade mark was granted, presumably to a predecessor company to Viners as Viners was not founded until about 1900.

Thank you VERY much for taking the time to reply.