ladle - help needed identifying markings?

I am trying to identify the markings on a large ladle, approximately 13.5" in length. As well as the maker’s and assay office marks on the rear of the handle there is also an ornate character engraved on the front of the handle (I think its a letter L but am not 100% sure). The crown marking suggests it might have been marked by the Sheffield assay office but I’m having difficulty researching the other markings. They look to me like an ornate capital S, an ampersand and a lower case y, and then another character that I cannot identify. The only other feature worth mentioning is that where the handle’s stem joins the bowl there appears to be evidence of a copper coloured base metal. I am a novice at researching these markings and would appreciate any help others can give me to identify them and also any information regarding the history of this item e.g. is it Sheffield plate, Close Plate or Electroplated?

Large ladle (13.5") - is it a punch ladle?

What marking is this? Is it the Letter L?

Does the first marking, of a crown, indicate it was assayed at Sheffield? Also, why is it a different orientation from the other markings?

Where the stem joins the bowl, at the back of the ladle, is this a copper colour I can see?

I don’t recognise this trade mark, but it is almost certainly electroplate. It is not silver and the crown has nothing to do with the Sheffield Assay Office. It is probably a soup ladle.