Large antique Siamese bowl

I bought this bowl in Bangkok after some protracted and most enjoyable haggling, from a reputable antique dealer. It’s not hallmarked in any way, but I’m sure it’s quite good solid silver, and a silversmith friend has confirmed this. Apparently older pieces weren’t marked. I believe this dates from some time in the 19th century.
It weighs (on my kitchen scales, sorry!) 1 lb 1 oz.
The photo’s don’t give a great indication of size - it’s quite large like a rose bowl, 240mm diameter, 120mm high. Slightly dented on the base. Incredibly detailed with alternating panels showing a seated deity - probably a buddha? and what I think is a well with birds. I think it’s a water bowl for banquets, but not sure.
Any info and idea of value much appreciated!
siam bowl inside.JPG
siamese bowl base.JPG
siamese bowl panels.JPG