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Large Silver Compote Need help identifying hallmarks

I am not sure the intended use or name of this piece. I am interested in the maker, age, silver or silver plate and it’s intended use. It measures 16” long, 9” at widest point and 9” at highest point on handle. 7” from base to handle. Thank you.

This is electroplate, not silver, and is a tureen for serving soup or other foods. The manufacturer’s mark is difficult to read in your picture (the important bit is what it says under the crown), but I think it is probably TB&S which are the initials of Thomas Bradbury & Sons of Sheffield. The diamond mark is a design registration mark and this shows that the design of the tureen was registered as a metal object on the 2nd Feb 1876. There is no way of knowing how long this design remained in production but we can say for sure that it cannot be from any earlier than this date.


Thank you very much!

Here is a better picture. Any help with identification and value greatly appreciated.