Looking for help and advice on some silver teaspoons which have a hallmark I can't identify

Hello, my grandmother has asked me to help her. She has a collection of silver teaspoons and can’t seem to identify them at all. They have a hallmark on the back of the spoon. I only have two pictures of them currently which doesn’t show the hallmarking. But the initials look like J.G. Then there is an anchor, a lion and what looks to be the letter M (although I couldn’t quite make this out).

Any advice would be really appreciated, she can’t seem to get a straight answer from any jewellers or antiques shops close by, but they all seem keen to buy from her.

Thank you in advance

You must get a picture of the hallmark as there is more than one possibility although the most likely identification is Birmingham sterling.


Thanks Phil, I’ll get a picture next time I go round which should be this weekend, I’ll post them up then. Thank you for responding!