Looking for Info on Goblets at least 50 years old

I found 4 goblets/chalice that my grandmother had that appear to be silver but I’m not sure as I can’t find any information on the marking that is on the bottom of each goblet [India P134]. The goblets are etched or maybe it’s engraved with like a crest and flowers on 2 sides with ribbons. They polished up very nicely. Not sure if the pics are even big enough for you to see the detail on the goblet and stem. The colors in the pics are definitely not accurate because the goblets are silver in color (the pics are picking up the photographer like a reflection). The color of the whole goblet is the color of the stem bottom. Also, each goblet has a different number of markings. For instance, one goblet has 4 circles on the stem bottom and another has 5 then another has 6 then another has 3. Same with the circles around the “crest.” One goblet has 9 around the crest. Another goblet has 13, etc. I’d like to be able to tell my daughter something about these goblets but I can’t seem to find any info. Thank you.



These look to be silver plated goblets from Benares. They are also found in an unplated brass form. They are still being made, as they have been for many years. I can remember from the 1970s in various shapes and sizes. Usually in a blue or red satin lined box, but they have been around for much longer than that.

Hope this helps.

Thank you. This is more than I knew about them. Now we can research Benares.