looking to sell my item

hi im new here my names chris i have a small item i think might be silver or pewter im unsure of which as the hallmark only tells me its metal (sorce from 925.com)
the mark is stamped backwards too heres some pictures

the item is only 16 cm tall from the base to the top im sure if i have the mark right its dated 1878 or something if anybody could put a value to this item i would no were to start when taking it to either auction or advertising on ebay or similar

kind regards chris

Interesting looking item. Do you know what its for??

thankyou for the reply

i dont think its for anything in particular the top of the item is too small for a candle it could possibly have been a small trophy for horse riding or just a ornament its very pretty the base is hollow with the hallmark my first thought was it could have been a musical rotating thingy for a childs nersery but there dosent appear to be any signs of glue or fixings in the base

hmmm, its very strange. The mark looks to be coming out (raised) but it should be going in.

I wonder if there was a glass piece that fitted into the top of the column, for flowers.

Its such a strange object, that I don’t think I can accurately price it. I’d need to have it in my hands. It could be worth anything from zero to 150 pounds.

yes the mark is raised im not sure if there should be something in the top for flowers it just dosent seem big enough the top is only 10mm deep and about 10mm in diamiter
so why would the mark be raised ???

the mark is very strange. The R in the center is the wrong way round, but if you flipped the mark over, the 6 in the center would be the wrong way round. What are the letters / numbers in the corners?? if you could draw on paper a diagram of the mark, I might be able to help further. But there’s little point putting too much work into this from your point of view. Whatever the story behind the mark, the piece is unlikely to be worth that much.

the mark reads

        [b]    capital         I

i think 16

                       4   captal R small d underlined  capital   D

                       Capital      C[/b]

so judging from this page on 925.com


taken from table 2

this item was stamped on the 16th of january 1878 and was in parcel 4

Hi there,
The Registry design mark is for the date as you suggest. This doesn’t mean your item was made then however, just that the design was registered then.


so does that mean it was made prior to then or after then how would i find out what metal it is and what its worth

It must have been produced after the design was registered otherwise it wouldn’t have the registry design mark on it.
I can’t remember exactly but I think that the registry mark can only be used for up to 18 years after it is first registered, so that gives you an idea that it must have been made before 1896.

Its hard to tell you what the metal is without holding it in my hands, and I can’t give you an idea of value until I know what metal it is i’m afraid.

Best thing to do would be to take it into a local shop and see if they can help further.

All the best

greatly appriciated ill post there response once i can get the time to have it looked at