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looks like a bread plate


I recently aquired what weems to be a plated bread plate, quaduple, made by Forbes Silver CO, usa. it has a 72 on the bottom with the Forbes eagle crest within two concentric circles. is it part of a set, or a stand alone item? It has a few scratches, with scroll work around the edges, and four flowers having little dots in the center of them. it is about 11 3/4" long, 8 1/8 " wide, and the outside edge is rolled under. The bottom is flat, 7" x 4 ". The surface may have been laquered at one time, and has aquired a dark grayish-black patina. One surface scratch on the bottom shows copper.

Is there any intrinsic value to this piece, or is it fairly common place and of lesser value. should it be cleaned and polished, or left alone as a shelf item for junk collection?

Thanks for joining us. It is a stand alone item. The “72” is a pattern or model number. This type of American silver plated bread tray is very common and is of little commercial value. If it were mine, I’d polish it up and use it…if the silver plating is worn badly and the copper is showing through on the visible parts, consider making an outdoor candle holder out of it:

My wife and I were at the Miami Beach antique show a few years ago and the city was having an unrelated festival on the streets, think it was Art Deco Week. A gentleman from Mississippi was selling outdoor candle holders which were old silverplaed dishes, bowls, and trays nailed to broomsticks. They were very attractive and would really be a hit at a garden party.

But by all means polish it up and see what’s there.


Uncle Vic

share some pic with us ,plz . . . !!!
thanks in advance.