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Looks like English, but?

The only reason i post this in british forum is because one mark look like maybe Lion or Leopard. It is a epmpty sterling silver watch case that has been soldered shut , dont know why because hinge looks intact & working so im stuck with that.
The only 2 sets of marks i have to go with are on the watch winder stem. Initials very tiny and hard to get good photo but looks under a loupe to be scripted letters R.B * mark. The other mark is the lion/leopard , really sorry cannot get better pictures so i will live in hope someone may know something

I don’t think there is enough there even to make a good guess. It’s a shame you can’t get into the case - all the necessary mark for identification should be inside.


Took an hr of care but managed to get one side of the case open. Photos below of inside case cover , dust cover & base . was blackened silver with age so gave it a quick clean up. Does this now shed any light as to age/origin ?

Not really. That just tells us it’s Swiss, probably early 20th century. However it does make it more likely that the marks on the bow are also from the Swiss maker.