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Mappin and Webb Bowl 1896


Hello there I have just found this forum and wonder whether you could help me with some information and an approximate valuation on a piece of Silver which I have just acquired?
It’s a small sterling silver bowl 3.5 inches across and two inches tall with three feet and a fancy edge. It’s marked JNM whick I believe to be John Newton Mappin. It’s also marked Mappin and Webb. The Hallmark is the london Lion sterling mark then the uncrowned leopards head then date letter a…1896? Hope you can help…gino
Oh and I weighed it on the kitchen scales…about three ounces.


Hi Gino,

Your reading of the hallmarks is correct.

If you are selling, you should be able to get about £50 - 80.




Thank you very much for your reply. This really is a very good site. I’m not sure if I’m going to sell the bowl right away but lets just say that for my first speculative silver purchase I’m very pleased indeed!!! Thanks again…gino