Mappin & Webb Bowl

Hi all

Just picked this up for the bargain price of AU$25.90. It is a Mappin & Webb silver bowl, marked for Sheffield, 1907, for the Kingston-upon-Thames Amateur Regatta. It is roughly 7 inches across by 3 high and weighs 200 grams. Just wondering if anyone would have any idea on what it might be worth as I am sure it is worth considerably more than what I payed for it and would anyone know where I could find out more about it?

SAM_0797 (500x375).jpg
SAM_0796 (500x375).jpg
SAM_0795 (500x375).jpg

Because of the design your bowl should have local interest In Kingston upon Thames and also interest for rowers. However for general sale it probably has little more than scrap value which is currently about £100 or AU$155.

To find out about it I suggest Kingston library and Kingston Rowing Club for your first ports of call.