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Mappin & Webb Silver Ashtray 1922.

Can you tell what you think my 1922 Mappin & Webb Silver Ashtray is worth? I bought it quite cheap at £22 but I reckon its worth around £65-£85? Maybe more depending where and how I was to represent it for resale. I didn’t realise who the makers were when I bought this, I bought it more to do with it being a Motor Cycling Club Award from 1922. I have done some research into Captain A W Brittain and have found quite a lot of really interesting information… He was quite a prolific competitor in the Motoring Trials 1910-1929, he also was a Captain in the Royal Air Force 1909-1920 approximately, and was awarded the MBE in 1919. Does the information gained go toward a valuation or is it just what they go for on ebay? How do you gain a true valuation? I don’t think one can rely on ebay to make a sound and proper judgement on the value of ones goods. I live in Lewes which has its fair share of Flea Markets and Antique Markets who it would seem price their goods on what they perceive to be the demand for them… uuum! Tricky Eh…

its a bit hard to tell really, £50approx for the piece itself is an easy bid, however the provenance of the inscription etc may increase its value. Id never use it, but it would be a nice addition to a collection, where do u aquire these items!