Mauser dish with florals whats it value?

I have a beautiful Mauser sterling silver dish and was wondering what it would be worth,
It was made around 1887 to 1903 I think.

This is the info that came with it when i purchased it
This is a lovely sterling silver serving piece,a timeless and beautiful floral repousse pattern of florals and leaves,the center has initials A.H.K.I think this may be referred to as a bon bon dish or nut bowl,I am not absolutely sure,the condition is excellent,i did polish it up,and as you see it came out beautifully.The dish measures 7 1/4 x 5 7/8ths,several hallmarks on the back, After doing some research one of the hallmarks ,a unicorn ,i discovered that this is the mark of the Mauser silver company, also marked on the back sterling silver ,I have photographed all other hallmarks

Ive been told that the price of silver is going to go higher and higher in the coming months and I wonder if I was ever to sell an antique piece like this would it just get melted down?

I look forward to any feedback anyone can give me


Hi there Sabreming and thanks for joining us. Yes indeed, it is made by The Mauser Mfg. Co. of New York and your date range is correct. Mauser happens to be my favorite American silver maker, and I have a dish indentical to yours. I don’t remember what I paid for mine or when - I could check my somewhat shoddy records - but I’d check the “completed items” on eBay and see what a Mauser dish like that is actually selling for vs. the ‘asking prices’.

I noticed over the weekend that the price of pure silver has hit $23 a troy oz…so melt-down is becoming a serious threat to antique silver. As I recall, that dish is not very heavy, so I’d guess a value in the $100+range.


Uncle Vic

Thanks for the welcome and thanks for your answer.

I recently paid a total which included shipping to Aust for $68 US for this lovely piece.

I have been told by a gold merchant here to watch silver because of its growth in the next 6 months will make it go higher and higher.

I guess the thing would be to offer it to private collectors if we want to preserve the antiquities.

I have collected a number of items over the last 6 months and I plan to keep some as an investment and maybe sell off some of the plainer and younger items.

Thanks for an interesting site.