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Mauser Pitcher?

I have recently purchased a 4-pint pitcher, very elegant lines, hallmarked Sterling. Based on the descriptions I’ve read here, I’m pretty sure it’s Mauser.

There is the Mauser unicorn, facing left, clockwise 90 degrees is STERLING, clockwise 90 degrees is 2446 4 Pint, clockwise 90 degrees is 925/1000 FINE.

Can someone please tell me approximate year of production and ballpark value?

Thanks in advance.

Hi there and thanks for joining us…yep, its Mauser. Frank Mauser started the company in 1887 and it was bought out in 1903, so there is your time frame. The “four stamp mark” you describe was used in the late 1890s. I’d have to see a photo and get the measurements to guess a value. I love Mauser…I bought a 3 pc. coffee set - same marks as you describe - a few years ago and gladly paid $1,000 for it.

In my view, Mauser is right up there at the top of the best American silver makers of what I consider the “golden age” of American silver, 1890 to about 1910.

If you have a problem post a photo, feel free to shoot it to me direct -


Uncle Vic