Medallist B&L Birmingham 1908

Can anyone identify the maker please B&L? They are not one I’ve seen before in this field and it is a fine medal for what would have been a public house Bell Target league. The enamel work depicts the Reading town crest.

I have seen this sponsor’s mark before but have not been able to identify it. The Reading connection may be a clue as organisations of the sort awarding this medal often shopped locally. A search through a Berkshire trades directory reveals a possible candidate: Botly & Lewis, described as “watch makers, gold & silver smiths, diamond merchants, electro-platers & jewellers & opticians” at 25 King Street, Reading [Ref: Kelly’s Berkshire Directory, 1907].

If it is them they may have made the medal themselves or they may have contracted the job to a Birmingham manufacturing jeweller with their B&L mark applied as sponsor.


Thank you for that Phil, it would seem a highly plausible conclusion. I would also mention that all that detail in the photo is squeezed onto a 25mm medal that includes what is probably a gold plated engraving ring.

Somewhere; my cataloguing is a bit behind!; I have slightly later Reading Miniature Rifle Club medal. It’s quite nice but not as eyecatching as this one. I must look for it and see who the sponsor was.

Thanks again,

Just to close the circle, I found the Reading Miniature Rifle Club medal. Period Approx. 1910-39, 22mm dia. It appears to be silver, but unfortunately it has neither hallmark nor maker’s mark. C’est la vie!