Mexican mocca spoon?

Good day, friends! I’ve got this little mocca spoon which has got me wondering. I apologize: I noticed some crud still on it which I should have cleaned off first before showing it.
It’s 9 cm long, with a bowl 2 cm x 3 cm, and it weighs 10 g.
The only mark it carries is .950. I had a friend with a XRF hand-held scanner verify that it is indeed .950 (Britannia silver).
My questions: Seeing that there is so little to go by, what conclusions can one draw? Not being by British or French countries etc etc or by any one of the noted silversmiths, would it be reasonable to say it could be Mexican? Probably a small time silversmith? Where would he/she have procured the Britannia silver? The spoon seems to me to be very well crafted, especially the intricate inlay work. Can the design give us any clue as to its origin? And most important, I dearly would like to assign some kind of age to this spoon. Can anyone help me reason this out?
Two pics to follow.
Regards, Jan