Mmm .. Are they real?

Hi again Daniel. The markings on this teaspoon have me stumped, especially after seeing reference in another thread to faux marking from China. So, is there sense to me made from this set? Of the fours impresses the one on the bottom, although worn, might be a crown. The one above is definitely a capital ‘Q’. At first I thought the one above again (i.e. the top but one) could be what remains of a crowned leopard’s head, but I’ve decided that would be fanciful in the extreme! As for the top impress, goodness knows! So, what does your more experienced eye make of it? Peter
marks teaspoon query.jpg
teaspoon query.jpg

Hi Peter,
Unfortunately this time we are not looking at chinese faux marks, they are 100% Vici plate marks, probably circa 1885. It can be confusing can’t it? Generally chinese faux marks look very soft, whereas plate marks like these look like strong punches.

All the best

Thanks, Daniel. And so I learn a little more. … Confusing in deed! Thanks once again for such a great site and service. Best wishes. Peter

Daniel. After some hours reflection … ‘Vici plate’???

Its dealer talk for Victorian Electroplate!

Thanks, Frank. I had a sneaking suspicion that this was an ‘in term’. Best wishes. Peter

I’m still waking up… That was ‘Thanks, JONATHAN’!!