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Mystery Box??? Vinagerette? Your ideas welcomed

My recent flea market find. A perferated two compartment box stamped 900 on the lower lid. No hallmarks seen. Acid tests about 900 silver. The upper lid has a pushbutton latch and the lower lid is a press-close. The both lids are slightly domed so it doesnt exactly sit flat on a surface… The bottom compartment has enough space to place a scrap of papr or perhaps some pills. The upper compartment has a pierced floral design all around. I first though it’s a vinagarette but the bottom compartment makes me unsure. marked weighs about 1.5 oz silver. I would love to hear your thoughts. teryjaki.
sil box 3.jpg
sil box 2.jpg

I would go with vinaigrette plus hidden compartment for pills, snuff, etc. 900 suggests a continental origin. For an off-the-wall suggestion how about a cricket box for keeping a pet insect?

Interesting thought. Did victorians keep crickets for any reason??? I agree the ,900 has me believing continental but lack of hallmarks makes me think it’s not from a country with strick hallmark laws like Germany.