Mystery Neoclassical Tea Urn

Hello, from Australia this is my first post, so please let me know if I do anything outside your guidelines.

I recently bought this Greek Revival or Neoclassical tea urn from the USA, it appears to have no markings, perhaps part of the base is missing.

It appears to be sterling as there is no base metal showing. The insulators are milk glass not bone, and the screw and nut in the base are steel not silver, so it may be mid to late 19th Century.

From what I have seen the handles are very unusual. It looks like a lot of high-end French silver, rather than English or American.

Measurements 22" x 9 1/2" inches

I look forward to your comments.


Welcome to our forum. My only criticism of your post is that your pictures are bit too large - we don’t all have high resolution screens.

It would be very unusual for a solid silver piece to be unmarked in any way so I feel that it is far more likely that your urn is electroplated. I can’t see any sign of parts missing and in any case on a silver piece there would be marks on the main body.