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Napoleon Boneparte Large Spoon


A friend has a spoon/ ladle he would love to identify. It has a full figure of [color=red]Nepoleon Boneparte as a handle, with sword and all, (at least that is who we Think it is) and a rather strange double spooned head. (This looks like someones…well, you know what I mean) It is very ornate, He would love to know where what, who…The makers marks seem to be EIM and BM in rectangles. It has 8 marks in all, including a small case n. It is about 9 inches tall, possibly 11 inches. The spoon head is almost 4 inches wide I think!
I can’t add photos, but if you would like to see …email me.
I have not been able to identify any as of yet. It seems to be an important piece, may have been brought back during WWI as there were post cards from that era in the same dumpster…yes…dumpster. It pays to recycle! Help? Deb


Hi Deb,
Without seeing pics of the item and the marks I can’t tell you anything about it I’m afraid.