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Need help identifying pattern and approximate age

Not sure what category I should list in as it’s made in England and plated in U.S. I am posting a photo of the tea set and hopefully one of the hallmarks. Any info on the pattern name and approximate age would be appreciated. If the value is $75 or more then I’m out of the hole. Thanks for any info.Screenshot_2019-12-13-14-08-38-1

You might look on Ebay for sold silver-plate items made by Gorham. As you might expect, on silver-plate, a lot of the value is lost if the plating is worn off/or missing. I can’t really tell from the photo if it is or not.

Thank you lemec. I’m confused tho on checking Gorham sets to help identify Wallace silverplate. Did they have similar patterns? The plating on this set is great and I did check eBay, both past and present, for something close. Still no clue on estimated age either. Will keep researching. Thanks again for your suggestion.

Sorry, I must have had Gorham on my mind! I meant Wallace! Sorry for the confusion!

Judging from style alone, I’d say it’s no newer than the 1940s, but to me looks to be earlier than that.

Thanks again for replying. I thought it looked like 1930’s but still can’t find anything Wallace with a stag head in the hallmark. I just noticed the E stamped by the 1714. Is the 1714 the pattern number? Any thoughts on a book that may have info? Thanks and I really do mean it.

If I’m not mistaken, the 1714 is an internal pattern number or something along those lines. I don’t have any experience with Wallace pieces, and can’t think offhand of a book. I’ve found really specialized books sometimes by searching the Libros website, and I wouldn’t be surprised to find that there’s a book with more information on Wallace. I do think that manufacturers varied quite a lot on the amount of information they kept and have available via archives, etc.

Once again, Thanks for everything. I’ll check and see if I can find anything using that information. You really have helped more than you may think.

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