Need help identifying

My husband and I bought this silver tray several years ago at an auction and would like to know something about it. Any information you can give would be helpful.
DSC01086 (500x375).jpg
DSC01085 (500x375).jpg
DSC01084 (640x600) (500x469).jpg

as I understood, 1201 - it is current number of this item. Were made 1201+ items of this model. Usually they are silver plated

1201 is more likely to be a pattern/design number. As your tray does not bear any sort of silver fineness mark such as “sterling”, 925, etc., it is almost certainly, as you suspect, electroplated. The manufacturer’s trade mark is not one I have come across before.

Yes, I was mistaken. Certainly - it is number of a model. This number can say the age of this item. You need only to compare it with products of same manufacture which age we know.

Thank you! I am having difficulty figuring out the manufacturer.