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need help reading marks on Silver Tray

I have a silver serving tray
size: 28 3/4" length x 17 1/4" wide
It’s heavy.
Can anyone tell me what the marks mean?
I polished a little area where the marks are - it’s silver color not yellow (sorry I couldn’t use my flash on close up)
Could anyone tell me what it’s rough estimate of value?
silver tray.jpg
mark silver tray.jpg

this is silver plate not solid silver.
It is heavy because it is copper.

It’s silver plated - check the completed auctions on eBay for similar size silver plated trays and you will probably find them selling in the $25-50 range.

I’ve seen the maker’s mark before but don’t see it in a quick glance over some references. I’m suffering from CRS today…


Uncle Vic