Need help with this English hallmark regarding maker

I know this is the hallmark for sterling, London, 1927, but does anyone recognize the maker’s mark? Could it be Charles Boyton and Sons? Thanks for any help.

George Betjemann & Sons:

and the date is 1907, not 1927.

What is the item? Can you let us see the whole thing?

Thank you Silvermakersmarks. I wasn’t completely sure of the date either. The “M” for 1927 and 1907 look so similar to me. How do you distinguish them? ANy tips? The piece is described as a spooner and in terms of style it seems to me more Edwardian than 1920’s. Thanks again for your help with the maker and date.

Thanks for showing us the whole thing, Kelly - it was a bit like one of those “commonplace objects photographed from unusual angles” puzzle!

Distinguishing the 1896-1915 series from the 1916-1935 series is not too difficult because the latter series is done in an Old English font whereas the earlier ones are a plain font. Here is the 1927 hallmark to compare with yours of 1907:

Thank you SIlvermakersmarks. I see the difference now and won’t make that mistake again.

Have a great holiday and new year!