need help

I have this silver tray with epns on the back also on the back it says made in england under that there is a hallmark of what looks like an egg with a crown on both top and bottom or a running egg could some one please tell me what i have here tiny inscription 2079 is carved into tray i can send you a photo easy just leave me an email or contact me here

epns is not silver. Your tray is ElectroPlatedNickelSilver (EPNS) that is a thin layer of silver on a base material. Say that your tray weights 100 then 0,01 is silver - rest 99,99 is base material.
It is not a hallmark - but mark of an Electro Plate maker - sorry dont know who.
2079 is not an inscription but most likely a produck code or number.

Post a picture of the marks here. It’s not difficult - just use the “Add an Attachment” feature when you post, but ensure that the picture is not too large: trim or shrink it using graphics editing software.