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Need identification for this item

Please identify this silver marks.
Its a beautiful stand. Holding some bottles. A sugar pot with spoon and a pepper bottle.
Thanks a lot

This is not a silver hallmark or manufacturer’s mark. It is an electroplate mark of the Birmingham (UK) company Elkington, Mason & Co with their private date code letter B for 1887.

I see from your picture that the spoon in the mustard pot also has an Elkington Mason mark. You can date it, if it has a different date letter, here.


Many thanks for the info. So dk it worth something? As its very vintage electroplate.

Value of electroplate depends very much on the condition of the plating. Any plating loss brings value down, but Elkington Mason pieces, especially when they are as decorative and potentially useful as your cruet, definitely have value. I cannot quote any figures but you may find something similar in Ebay’s completed auctions to give you some idea of what people are prepared to pay.