Need some help !

Hello, I hope you wont mind of my english ( I am not as bilingual as I would like to be !) :blush:
Well, I am from Quebec, Canada, and I went in 1999 in New York City, USA, to visits some friends. And this is what I bring back, I received it as a gift, since my friends knew I love to collect old beautiful things, but it seem to me older than things I usually collect, I tried over the internet with those key words: I.Freeman and Son, but I only found a place that no longer exist, in London, could it be the same place ? I entered the keyword in your Forum, but the only topic related is not seem to fit with my query.
I would really appreciate if you can help me with this ! :slight_smile:
Is it Silver ?
Is someone know where I could find somes answers ?
( I need a good story to tell to my 5 years old daugther ! ) :wink:
Thanks a million !

PS there is also a number under the lid:“4242”

Hi your item is made by
Israel Freeman & Son Ltd,
Started in 1927 and was still working in the 1980’s, don’t think they are still producing goods, so this is a relativly modern peice
as I don’t see a hallmark I presum its silver plate
If you google “Israel Freeman & Son Ltd” you should get some more info
as to the “four seasons” one posibility might be
There was a hotel chain in the UK upto the 1980’s called four seasons, you may have a piece of silver plate wear from the Hotel group.

hope this helps