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Need some help

Hi there.It’s nice to be here.I see a lot of good people trying to help and i also need some help with this object - Silver Barrel. I don’t know if it is silver or just siler plated, how old it is and how much it cost. Thank you very much for your help. I try to put some picture’s with the object and the hallmark.


Hi there Cool Rock and thanks for joining us. Depending on the size it might be an ice bucket? I’m having some trouble reading the mark. Could you please post another pix that’s closer-up of the mark?


Uncle Vic

The picture with that mark it;s a link to a good and big picture.Try pls tu click on it it will lead you tu where i post that picture’s. Thank’s for helping me aut.And…Yes it;s an ice bucket.

Thanks, the larger picture was very clear. The initials E.P.N.S. at the bottom of the mark denote Electro Plated Nickel Silver, or silver plated rather than solid silver, thus making the ice bucket of minimal value.

I’m unsure of the maker, but it might be (note: “might”) the Daniel and Arter Globe Nevada Silver Works of Birmingham, England, which used a “D&A” mark and produced silver plated wares such as your bucket. It also used a cross hatched circle similar to that shown in your mark.

Perhaps our other readers will have some ideas?


Uncle Vic