New Mystery Marks

Hi all:

I have another set of marks that I can’t seem to decipher. Actually, I think I’ve been looking at marks all day & they are just starting to make me go blind. The item is a candleholder with its own snuffer. I apologize that I was unable to show the entire picture, but I had to get it small enough to be able to post. Any help would be highly appreciated:

The first mark on the left seems to have mostly covered the mark beneath it, but the mark beneath has an L on top & a B on bottom. I can’t see the others. Then the top mark says S T on top and B & T on the bottom.

The second mark from the left is a Lion Passant (is that right? I’m really trying to learn)

Third mark from the left is someone looking left, which is all I can tell.

Fourth mark from the left is a C with a crown over it.

Then, there is also a hand facing palm up that is separate from the other marks.

I’ll include the best pictures I can.

Thanks so much for any help!

Cheers ~ Lizzy

Hi Lizzy,
The item itself is called a chamber stick, and it was made in Sheffield in 1811 (the date letter c with the crown above it).
The makers mark at the top left I think we should ignore, as it has been overmarked, perhaps by the shop that originally sold it, or by a later shop. The lion passant is the sterling mark as you suggested.

The mark to then look at is the hand mark. This mark suggests the firm of Smith, Tate, Nicholson & Hoult as the makers of the piece, as this was their Old Sheffield plate mark registered in 1810. They also made in silver aswell, so I would think that this same mark was applied to their solid silver pieces aswell as their plated pieces.

It is a lovely item, and always nice to find with the original snuffer.

All the best

Just realised I didn’t mention the other mark. This is the duty mark to show that duty had been paid on the chamber stick when it was made. It is George III’s head.

Hi Daniel:

Thanks so much for the wealth of information. After researching everything I could, I was wrong in thinking that it is was J. Watson & Co. Good thing I came here! Like I said, I was getting cross-eyed. I was pretty sure it was sterling, but the mark on top of a mark had me a bit worried. You people here on this sight are truly a valuable fountain of information & I can’t begin to express my gratitude. Thanks again!

Cheers ~ Lizzy