New to this and need a little help

Hello everyone,
This is my first visit to this site, please be gentle.
I have a silver communion set and need a little help as i am a complete novice.
It’s one of those things you just pick up as you go through life and has no sentimental value. I would like to know a little about it.
I believe from my investigations it was made by B&Wtd, made from Serling Silver in London 1964.
Can anyone advise me if I am right or wrong please.

Many thanks and best regards

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1924, not 1964, but otherwise OK. Unfortunately I can’t tell you who B&W Ltd were, but they were making ecclesiastical silver from the 1920s right up to the 1970s. Strictly speaking we cannot say for certain that it was made in London, only that it was assayed in London.

Many thanks for your help.
Not bad for my first go at this :slight_smile:
Many thanks again