Newbie Help? - monogram decipher

Hi, Is anyone active on this forum anymore? - I’m just trying to decipher the monograms on three old family pieces… My first question is: Is there anything I can temporarily “rub into” (?) the monogram to make it photograph better?

You shouldn’t need to rub anything in if you choose the lighting conditions carefully. However I guess something like black shoe polish might do it.


Thank you! - I’ll be back shortly with pics… :grinning:

Okay - adding pictures… hmmm 5 photos at a time… I’ll try to pick the clearest… Okay, there are three spoons total I’m trying to figure out. Thanks in advance for ANY assistance you can provide!


The first and third are JH or IH and the last one may be the same. The second one may be SNP. Other people may of course see different letters…


Thank you! JH makes sense. Is the one you’re calling “2nd” - that you think might be SNP, this one?

Yes - it was third wasn’t it? not second. Looks like I need a counting refresher course!

It was a confusing set of photos :wink: Thanks