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Nice sliver sugar server...i think


Hi I’m completely new to this site. I was given a really neat silver piece and was did some research but I can’t find much on it other than that it is a Johnson, Durban co Ltd, E.R.B.M number 212. I was told it is a sugar dispenser. It has ornate feet, a decent sized area to put sugar, a scoop on the top and above that is a circle to carry it around I would guess. Are these common? I tried to attach a photo, but the pixels were too high. Any thoughts? Thank you in advance. :slight_smile:


If you want to post your pictures here you must reduce the size to 600 x 600 pixels or less. An image editor such as Paint, which comes with Windows operating systems, or an online app (search for “online photo editor”) will allow you to crop and resize images.

I can say that what you read as ERBM is almost certainly EPBM (electroplated Britannia metal) so it is not silver.


Thank you very much for your reply. I will research this. It’s weird that a silver maker would make something not silver. I want to see what it is made it. And you’re right, it is epbm. I love doing the research… Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.


Not weird at all. Many major silversmithing companies also produced electroplated wares. Indeed they often made the same pattern in both solid silver and (cheaper versions) in electroplate.


Aha… And that’s just what I found out. It’s probably made of tin with a coating of silver. I’ll try to figure out how to shrink my photo.


I found a photo editor.


It is in great shape, no matter what the photo editor did to the picture. :slight_smile:


A nice looking piece but the value is not going to be great. In the UK I could see it making £10-£20.


Thank you for your reply. Was just curious and I couldn’t find much on it and that’s probably why lol