Not pure silver

but something i would like to know about please, when i googled help this forum was at the top of the page so sorry if i am at the wrong place but i cannot find any info otherwise :confused:

I have had this tray for a while now, do not have the foggiest where it came from or what it is, i would also like to know about restoration and if it is viable for this item.

Here are some photos.

Many thanks.

Silverplated tray made by the Florence Silver Plate Co. of Baltimore, Maryland which was in business from 1894 to 1942.

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Uncle Vic

Thank you very much Uncle Vic :smiley:

Is it worth re-plating it and what kind of person would i contact to do it please?

Also, why can i not find any other examples of this tray anywhere :confused:

Its not worth replating - even in pristine conditon it has little or no value. This was produced by a very small maker and probably not many were made. The base metal (probably copper) was stamped rather poorly, as you can see the double strikes.


Uncle Vic

Thank you very much for your help Uncle Vic :wink: