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Old leather and silver case

Found this 1902 Birmingham sterling and leader glass case with reading glasses a while back. It is marked J W on the clip and on the case, but I cant seem to find the maker. Any idea who made it and what is these clips called? Still have glasses in them with gold frame. Managed to drop and break the glass, but sure it can be replaced

So I went digging on the net…this could be by John Edward Wilmot.

Jannie :smiley:

Glasses case is fine as a name. The maker is probably not Wilmot whose mark comprises a single punch with conjoined circles, not separated circles. I don’t know who it though as there is no comprehensive reference for Birmingham makers marks of this age.

I also found that this separate letters are bit odd. I will get a picture of the glasses next time I am home. Will also take better picture of the chatelaine clip.

Here is some better pictures of the chatelaine clip and its hallmarks. Still pondering about who made it. What stile will this represent, art nouveau? Is it collectible by its own (not that I think it should be separate from the case :unamused: )