Pair of small Candle holders

I have a pair of small candle holders - approximately 11cm high. The hallmark is only just visible and implies they were made by William Aitkin of Birmingham in 1917. Both are a marked around the base and the top of one is distorted. Any idea of their value please.

Hi Paul,

Do the sticks have removable nozzles??



No - they are a single piece.

In their current condition they’re worth about £100.

The reasons that they are not worth more are as follows…

  1. the marks are so rubbed

  2. they don’t have nozzles (it looks like they never had nozzles but candlesticks with nozzles are more desirable)

  3. restoring the sticks would require deloading them. Most candlesticks (and yours included) are filled, which means that the inside is pitch which is horrible black stuff and then the base is finished with plaster. To restore the sticks, the silversmith will need to heat up the pitch and remove it which is difficult, poisonous and as such expensive.

In perfect condition they would be worth around £200.