Paris Silversmith 1830 s ??

Hello at the bar,
can anybody identify the Paris silver mark in the photo please? The crest decorating the front of this platter suggests it could date from the mid 1830s, but this could be a red herring.
All suggestions welcome :slight_smile:
Many thanks,
60ties 006 - Copy.JPG

I believe this to be the mark of Charles Nicholas Odiot, he registered the O above oil lamp mark in 1825 which fits in with your crest.(the mark is shown sideways on your item),however I think they used this mark on the items the company produced until 1890ish.
If you search the name on the internet you should be able to find more information.
All the best

Hi Phil,
thank you very much for the information. That gives me a great start to finding out more about my plate.
Your help is much appreciated.
All the best, Andy