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Pay Stick top piece

JC and an anchor on a pay stick top there are 2 other marks but to worn to make out. Can any body please tell me more about the maker and date.
I will post a few more pics.

Only 4 marks JC anchor can’t make out next 2

Full piece

Sideways anchor indicates a probable Birmingham hallmark from between 1860 and 1900. The next mark looks like a lower case “q” which would be the date letter for 1890. Sorry, I can’t suggest a name for JC.

Thanks, my grandfather was a Lt. Col Black Watch but he also bought and sold at auctions as a hobby so I am not sure if it was his or something he bought, he died in 1977 and I have had it since then, I have a number of items of his from then and considering selling them now as just boxed and stored.

I was not able to post higher res pictures but can study the letter to see if it is a q. What would the last mark normally be?

Thanks for the swift reply.

The last mark should be a lion passant indicating sterling silver.