Peter and Ann Bateman decanter labels. Value please

I have two decanter labels. I believe, after spending some hours “Googling” that they are by Peter and Ann Bateman and are 1794.

Can anyone confirm this for me and give me a rough idea as to worth please?

The pictures are of one. The other is the same but for Claret. Hallmarks same.

White wineb.jpg

A pair of decanter labels exactly like yours are currently for sale on the well-known auction site. I suggest you watch them and see what they sell for. I can confirm that your reading of the hallmarks is correct.

They are probably mine!!!
I just don’t want to let them go for silly money.
I have seen some on that well known auction site priced in the low - mid hundreds. I find it hard to believe they are worth that much, I would rather keep them than let them go less than their worth. But also I don’t want to give them away!
Hoping someone could give me a rough estimate