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Please help, Hallmark Dilemma!

I have recently come across a fork collection with the majority of them bearing these marks, i have tried to use the online databases but have as yet been unsuccessful so i would be grateful of any information you more knowledgeable collectors could supply me!

The first symbol read WP in a diamond with prongs out the top encased in a downward pointing Spade shape
The second is simply the letter B in bold
The third appears to be a plume of 3 feathers
The forth is a crown
The final one is the Capital letters RD with the D being slightly smaller and raised, both set in another diamond.

Thank you!

These are electroplated and by William Page & Sons of Birmingham, probably late 19th / early 20th century.

Thanks for the quick response! I guess being plated that means the value of the forks is minimal?

Kind regards