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Please Help I.D. Odd i995 Marked Sea Shell

Hello, my name is Chance I am new to the forum. I recently came across an odd hallmarked sea shell. No I am not 100% sure this is silver I have not tested it yet. On one of the legs it is marked “i995 S” (there is a capital “I” before the 995) this is what is making me think it is at least a silver composite, but I have not seen this exact mark before. There are also some other markings in the shell. I believe they are British. I can make out a Bell in the middle but I can not make out the others, possibly a left facing head.

Any help on this would be much appreciated. i will include photos.
shell 004.JPG
shell 003.JPG
shell 002.JPG

Hi Kale

I am taking a wild guest here. The large mark in the middle of first picture looks like Elkington Plate mark for before 1897. The S or I could be a date mark?

Well spotted, Jannie! I’m sure you are correct. I have blown up the poster’s image and rotated it - that definitely looks like an Elkington mark with diamond shaped date letter (or number):

The diamond shape was used from 1841 to 1864 but I can’t see what’s in it.

Thank you so much for your help, it is very useful and much appreciated. i like to know what I sell before I sell it. Have you guys ever seen anything like this possibly know the rarity or the value?

Thanks again.