Please Help! I have a rare sheffield spoon...

Hello. I have a what I believe to be a rare sheffield spoon hallmark ie, 1890 and I cant find anything to compare it too in order to get a feel for its value. It has a charming depiction of a man and woman plowing thier field engraved on the back of the cusp end of the spoon. Has anyone seen these before and does anyone know its approx. retail value? Thank you.

Please post pictures of the spoon and, most especially, of all hallmarks, etc.

I can’t get the picture to load. The hallmark reads ie r&b over 1890 84 lion with marked head. And it has a rural depiction on the back of cusp end. Hopefully you can go from that, thank you.

That doesn’t sound like a hallmark at all. You can e-mail any pictures to me at, including at least the word “silver” in the title to get round my spam filter, and I will post them here.