Please help identify maker and year - CE and k


Please can you tell me what these are and who the maker and year are,

I thaught it might be Charles Eley as I cant see a full stop but looks more like Charles Edward??

I would like to know what they are as well (there are 2 of the round ones the same)

Charles Hallmark.jpg

The date letter k is the code for 1905 and therefore the maker cannot be Charles Eley. CE is Charles Edwards and this variant of his mark, without the stop, was registered in 1903. Without knowing the size it’s even more difficult to say what they are. I could suggest salts and a mustard (the latter missing a top perhaps), or, if bigger, sugar bowls and something else?

Wow thankyou for replying so quickly!

I think they must be stals as they are very small, do you mean the middle one is a mustard? it has a glass inside.

thanks again

The insides of salts are normally either gilt or have a glass liner as salt and silver don’t mix so maybe the taller one was intended for salt. I really don’t know, but they are certainly handsome looking items.


Yes I rather like them too, here is the full picture.

The smaller ones are about 2 inches high and have a gold lining of somesort.

Do you have any idea what they would be worth?

Charles Edwards salts.jpg