Please help identify mark


I recently purchased this “sterling silver” tea set.

Can anybody tell me when and where the tea set was produced and where can I read about the history of this tea set?

Thanks Mike
Tea Set 1a.jpg
Tea Set 2a.jpg

Mike - thanks for joining us. The mark is not familiar to me and does not fit the system of English or American sterling…English will have the hallmarks and American will almost always have the word “sterling” in additon to the maker’s mark. See if you can get a better pix of the mark, and/or describe the letters in the sequence they appear. It might be middle eastern, for example.


Uncle Vic

Thank you for your suggestions. It appears to be : Titulo JaDocarmo Lisboa

I can not make out the hallmark.

Thanks, Mike
Tea Set 2b.jpg

Mike - I’ll take a pretty wild guess, Lisbon, Portugal. Style matches somewhat. How about it silver collectors, give us some help.


Uncle Vic

The maker’s name and the City (Lisboa=Lisbon) definitely make it Portuguese.