Please help identify the hallmarks on this piece!!!!

Picked this up at a local antique shop for a couple bucks last year…what I thought was a letter opener turned out to be an antique meat skewer…ive attached photos of the item as well as a close up of the hallmarks(somewhat faded as you can see). Please help me identify these hallmarks as well as a possible value for this. Thanks to all.

meat skewer hallmarks.png

It is a skewer, which are more & more used as letter openers. but I would say it’s silver plate, as the hallmarks, although rubbed, are unrecognisable as solid silver.
To be fair, I think a couple of bucks is a fair price., but it’s just my humble opinion.
Hope that helps
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Thats right it is a meat skewer, looking at the marks I would think its close plate rather than silver plate (plated mild steel rather than plated nickel). This gives a much harder metal, and tended to be used for skewers etc.

Unfortunately there is no real market for close plated skewers, so I would just enjoy using it as a letter opener. (They do make very good letter openers).