Please help identify this piece ? Horse & Cart

I have had this for many years and been in the family for many years , I need help identifying it.

Each piece has a hallmark, on the cart there are 5 hallmarks, for example 1 on the wheel, 1 on the base etc , even the small bucket has a tiny hallmark on.

Just wanted to be enlightened about where a who made it and what year ?

Thanks in advance.

This is an Egyptian hallmark. ۹٠٠ is Arabic for 900 and shows the silver standard. The symbol above it is the Cairo Assay Office mark. Your first picture is therefore upside down with the second symbol being a lotus flower which was used on silver after 1946. The third symbol is a date code, but I am not aware of an online reference for these.

Incidentally I think that the animal is a donkey - a much more likely beast of burden for Egypt than a horse.

Many thanks for your quick reply .

Can you tell me if its valuable or just in its weight in silver ?


Quite frankly I have no idea. Scrap value is certainly a starting point, but remember to factor in the 900 fineness.

It is an Islamic Horse and cart
worth £40-80

Can you tell me if its valuable or just in its weight in silver ?


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