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Please help identify this silver dish.

Hello. This is my first post. I am hoping that someone can help identify this item for me.
I believe I have narrowed it down to: silver item made in Stockholm, Sweden in 1967. Is this correct? Can you tell me what it’s intended use is? If it is indeed sterling silver and what value it may have beyond the silver content if any? It measures apprx. 4-7/8" dia. x 5/8" High and has a plastic (bakelite or phenolic?) back.
091611 302a.jpg
091611 242b.jpg

made by Guldsmede aktie bolag in silver.
not sterling which is 925/1000 but in 830/1000 - are you american ? then you woud say…

Thank you for your reply. For some reason your reply was cut off after “then you would say…” It may be that I just haven’t learned how to use this site yet. If you wouldn’t mind replying again so that I could see the rest of your statement I would appreciate it. Also, do you have a clue as to what this dish is intended for and what the significance of the Neptune and Mermaid are? Thanks again. RRR.

i cut it my self.
I had written something like !you are an american and therefore you proberly say Sterling = silver
European standard 800 or 830 = silverplate.

Then i said that it was nor polite to assume that all americans are of that opinion and therefor I stopped.


Thank you for your second reply. Yes I am American and no I don’t think of 800 or 830 silver as being silver plate. It is only about 10% to 12% less valuable than .925. My understanding of silver plate is that it is only a few microns thick and has no silver value to speak of. Once again I appreciate your response and information.

abselutely not. Only scrap silver is worth less. more factors determin.
is it useable?
the craftmanship
is there interesting engravements
is silversmith famous
etc - not in that priority.

a cup from 1900 is not as expencive as one from 1800.
my picture cup from 1700 is more expencive but not as expencive as one from 1600.
I am looking for one from 1500 and in 830 silver they are worth more than most Tiffany silver scrapabel silver - even if 925.

plate contains practically no silver what so ever.

Thanks for the information regarding value. My comment was in regards to scrap value not antique or other factors. I only meant to say that I understood it not to be worth as little as silver plate. Perhaps I didn’t express it correctly. RRR

no I fully understud what you ment.
However I just wanted to stress that the question is a complex one.
Value however is a subject that I never give any coments. It is so difficult. So many factors.
Is it an interesting piece and 2 persons are interested ? or is it a comon thing or is it unique in some way.

I collect Captains spoons - identified pieces have reached 100£ on ebay for a German spoon around 1820-1850. Without the identification price could be 10£.

Actially, the
800" mark signifies “coin silver” and NOT silverplate meaning that the piece is .800 silver as opposed to .925 silver which is sterling.
Your dating is correct, maker is likely GULDSMEDSAKTIEBOLAGET I STOCKHOLM
The “S” in the hexagon signifies at least .830 silver, (coin silver) meaning that the piece is .830 percent silver, (83%)
Hope this helps.
Ed Meyer.

I’m a sucker for silver!